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Welcome to the UK Girl’s Schools website. Find out everything about the UK’s best girl’s schools, from resources to curriculum details. Girls during their formative ages should learn and realize the importance of education. As a parent, the best teaching tool is your attitude and behaviour. Having a positive attitude toward reading and an open-ness to learning new things will instil similar beliefs in your children. Girls are curious and observant in their early age so it is best to teach the value of education at that particular period. When they see you reading books and newspapers, they may stop to consider why this activity holds so much interest for you. Show them that they need to learn to read and you will be inadvertently helping them to develop their language skills.

Make an impact on your girls about the importance of schools. This means getting them to school on time and familiarizing them with the importance of punctuality. Take an interest in their homework and ensure their assignments are completed on time. Always try to involve your girls in educational leisure activities such as taking them to a zoo, science centre or museum, and be sure to describe to them what they are seeing, so that they can take an interest in and begin to understand the world around them. This strategy will definitely make them more enthusiastic about learning and study, and you will be preparing them for a successful school career. If you are interested in UK Girl’s Schools, feel free to contact us.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Merchant Taylor’s School for Girl’s website.

For more information regarding the Merchant Taylor’s School for Girl’s please contact them directly at 134 Liverpool Road, Crosby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L23 5SP, or on 0151 9243140.